Building Business and Business Value

Just like homeowners must decide between various house-related projects that will either increase or decrease the value of his home, a business owner is faced with countless decisions that will either create or destroy value in their business. Many small business owners (or their management staff) tend to focus most of their attention on improving sales, market share, gross margins, profit, or their bank balance but rarely give consideration to the long-term value of their business. It’s this long term business value that is the true test of business success.

Consistent improvement in long-term value allows a business owner to sell out at a much higher cost, take over competition to increase market share, return better distributions to the shareholders, etc.

Ashgrove works with clients to determine the most logical projects for increasing business value; we identify the correct asset utilization balance to yield the highest financial results. When working with clients, Ashgrove can also determine the optimum capital and debt required for growth goals.

If you think it’s time for a fresh look at how your business is creating or establishing business value, give us a call.