Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCArtistic Finishes LLC

Ashgrove has provided us with the peace of mind every business owner seeks when managing financials.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCDustin Maher Fitness

Working with Joe was one of the best decisions I made in my business 4-5 years ago. He saves me so much time, and stress by doing the work that I hate, plus he is always there if I have questions. I also really enjoy that he has vested interest in my success. He routinely thinks of me when reading articles or videos and will pass them on to me. If you haven’t worked with Ashgrove yet, don’t wait another day!
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCBigtime Creative

In the year that I have worked with Ashgrove, I have found them to be very knowledgeable, patient and thorough. They are truly QuickBooks Pro experts and are sensitive to business needs. I highly recommend Joe and his team at Ashgrove.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCIsthmus Surveying LLC

I had been trying to find answers to some minor yet important issues about “Quickbooks” for the last 2 or 3 years. “Ashgrove analyzed and evaluated the books for my business, in a fast and affordable manner, and was able to give me the advice I needed to clean up the data, and to properly categorize it for my Accountant. I highly recommend Ashgrove as a valuable asset to any small or medium sized business that struggles to keep accurate track of their financial data, and or manage their bookwork.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCUSA Automotive

I depend on Joe at Ashgrove for all our payroll, tax payment and reporting needs. Joe and his team make this seamless for me, even after it’s imported into QuickBooks. He has consistently done a good job for our business since 2011. He is always accurate, professional, informative, patient and he understands my business needs. I’m glad I found Joe at Ashgrove.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCDahl Family Chiropractic

When we started up our new office we found Ashgrove very informative and helpful. They personally came to our office to ensure that our QuickBooks software was set-up to meet our accounting needs and demands. Ashgrove’s expertise and their outstanding personality make them a pleasure to do business with.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCEffective Solutions

They understood my business needs from an accounting and financial standpoint.  Ashgrove now comes to our company once a week and takes care of things in half the time it would take me, and is also able to make recommendations on how we can be even more efficient.  They have been great!  I wish I would have found out about them years ago.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCMacWorks

We’ve always relied on Joe for solid business information and wise interpretation of our financial data. Joe’s eagerness to share his vast business management skills have helped us through difficult times and assured us when the path ahead appeared unclear. He is a valuable part of our team.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCXterior Sales and Service

Ashgrove came to our rescue working through several complex issues that others had tried to solve to no avail. Joe is now a valued asset to our company, keeping us on track with proactive monitoring of our business to prevent issues before they start!
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCRedline Business Solutions

I have introduced Ashgrove to a number of my business consulting clients, and I like the way they work with my clients and help them with their bookkeeping needs. Joe is truly a QuickBooks expert and isn’t afraid to dig in, spend the necessary time learning the business, and then making the adjustments necessary to present clean financial reports. He’s also really good at explaining the adjustments in plain terms that helps the business owners learn how to be better financial managers. I will continue to introduce Ashgrove to any small business looking to outsource their bookkeeping.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCSwamp School

Joe has some great ideas on helping me get my business organized. He is a great accountant and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their business.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NC

AVCORE had a special project that we hired Ashgrove for. I found Joe to have a very quick grasp of our business and the scope of the project. This was appreciated as we did not spend a lot of money educating him. His close-out analysis of the project contained a number of insightful recommendations, a number of which we have adopted. We are continuing to use Joe and considering him for more day to day involvement.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCBiodiversity Project

Joe Theys and his staff were a pleasure to work with. As a small nonprofit office we are often faced with “too much to do and few hands with which to do it”. The weekly accounting was one of those tasks that needed to be dependably done but for a non-accounting person could be time-consuming. Ashgrove’s service stepped right in and followed our QuickBooks process quickly and efficiently. We could rely on the books being accurate and up-to-date while freeing internal staff time to do other important things. Our consultant was always very flexible in working at our pace and schedule, too. Thanks!
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCTriangle's Other Woman of Raleigh

Ashgrove Payroll has been a huge help to our small business’. They have allowed me to get out from behind the computer and get more work done outside of the office. I am no longer forced to dedicate 4-5 hours to payroll each week! Plus, I have the peace of mind knowing that there is an experienced professional completing our tax reports! I would recommend Ashgrove to anyone looking for a qualified payroll service!
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCGoody Gourmets

Ashgrove has helped to improve my business. I am not an accountant and do not want to spend hours of my time on a task I REALLY don’t want to do. Prior to becoming an Ashgrove client, I spent a number of hours on accounting related issues. Joe is very knowledgeable, helpful, and allows me the freedom of mind to focus on business. This has improved my overall business and bottom line tremendously. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without some of the above and beyond services that he has extended to me due to my busy schedule.
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCStephenson Tree Care

Ashgrove has been a real asset to my company for many years. At any given time I have an accurate snapshot of the health of my company. They have taken the mystery out of understanding the Balance Sheet, P&L’s, Income to Debt ratio etc. His advice has saved my Company thousands of dollars over the years and allowed me to look at my business in a different light. When I know my books are squeaky clean I can then go out and do my job to my full potential. Taxes and needed reports to all State and Federal agencies are always done and submitted on time. Their Payroll system is very simple and much less costly than the larger payroll companies I had doing it in the past. I would recommend Ashgrove for your Payroll and Bookkeeping needs.

John Stephenson/President
Stephenson Tree Care, Inc

Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCValpak of the Triangle

I recommend Joe Theys and Ashgrove Inc for your payroll and accounting needs.
Prior to meeting Joe, I had several bookkeepers for my business and I could never count on QuickBooks for complete accuracy with paperwork.
I was constantly getting errors in payroll reporting from the governmental agencies, typically resulting in fines or penalties. Since I’ve moved my business to Ashgrove, I’m happy to say payroll errors have stopped and all of my bookkeeping is handled professionally and always correct. Joe’s honesty, integrity and professionalism are second to none. I highly recommend him.

David Hughes

Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCTom McHugh Architect

Joe gently nudges me to keeps my financials on track each month; which enables me to keep focused on producing great designs………Tom McHugh AIA
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCTriangle Family Eye Care

I opened my first, independent eye care practice back in January 2012. As one can imagine there were many things on my plate to take care of for a smooth transition. At the time I did not know much about QuickBooks and payroll processing and this is where Ashgrove helped me a great deal. Thanks Joe!
Ashgrove, Inc. | Accounting Services | Raleigh, NCSugar River United Methodist Church

Our church has outsourced our payroll and tax payment services to Ashgrove Payroll for the past few years. As a growing church, it is critical that we have a partner that we can trust and depend on. Joe Theys and Ashgrove have been a perfect fit.