Quickbooks improved in three steps

There are many things you can (and should) do on a regular basis to speed up your QuickBooks data file, which will make your accounting and bookkeeping more hassle free. Here are three quick and easy solutions that you can try today.

  1. Delete any forms that are waiting to be printed. Most Quickbooks data files I check have outdated paychecks, invoices, bill payment stubs, etc. You can find the various items that need to be printed by going to the File pull down menu, then to Print Forms. Make sure you select a starting date range for each item that is well into the past (e.g. 2004). This will help you find everything. TIP: Instead of printing to paper, select the Microsoft XPS Document writer as the printer. This will print everything as an electronic file, which you can then delete.
  2. Save your QuickBooks data file as a portable backup. Next restore that portable backup. Then do this a few more time. This process has a way of reducing the overall size of the data file, without removing or damaging the data.
  3. Resort your lists. There are many lists within a QuickBooks data file and over time they can get out of order, taking extra seconds to process a command. Start by opening the Lists pull down menu and select the Chart of Accounts. Under the Account button (near the bottom), choose the last option: Re-sort List. Now do the same with the other options under the List menu, finishing with the Memorized Transaction list.

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