QuickBooks 2012; what’s new

QuickBooks 2012 is scheduled to release in late September and should be available on store shelves by early October. Here is a quick list of changes you can expect with this new version:

  1. Inventory Center – Although not available in QuickBooks Pro, this new feature helps collect inventory related features that have been scattered throughout the program.
  2. Document Center – Now you can “paper clip” and drag and drop documents for FREE, as long as they remain located on your machine.
  3. Lead Center – As QuickBooks continues to inch closer towards the world of CRM, you can manage leads within this center and convert them to a customer.
  4. Calendar – Your to-do’s, invoices, bills coming due, etc. are arranged visually… very cool.
  5. Create Credit Memo from an Invoice – you can already receive a payment from an invoice. Now you’ll be able to create a credit memo as well, saving time in the process.
  6. Batch Timesheets – you can process multiple employee or vendor timesheets in a batch.

There are also several updated or improved features within QuickBooks 2012. They include improved help and search boxes, improved Excel integration, and express start for new company file setups, and a new way to clean up company files, called Condense Data.


The question I’m often asked is whether or not to upgrade. If you’re not using 2010, then yes, without hesitation. If you’re currently using QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2010, or 2011, I’d wait a few months until the initial bugs have been worked out. Usually just prior to the New Year is best.


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