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I’ve run into several clients’ QuickBooks data files that have been out of date. It’s important to install the latest releases (updates) because previous software malfunctions are corrected, and suggested improvements are added. You can tell which release your QuickBooks software is using by pressing the F2 key.

Here’s a guide for the latest release, according the QuickBooks version:


QuickBooks 2012 Pro, Premier, Enterprise               Release 1 (R1)

Due out on store shelves any day now. Here’s what’s new in QuickBooks 2012.

QuickBooks 2011 Pro, Premier, Enterprise               Release 8 (R8)

QuickBooks will no longer unexpectedly close or display the error “QuickBooks has stopped working” when creating or editing memorized transactions.

QuickBooks 2010 Pro, Premier, Enterprise               Release 13 (R13)

Tax line assignments have been improved when sending data to Turbo Tax, help menu was improved, and direct deposit messaging will now include which vendor check is incorrect.

QuickBooks 2009 Pro, Premier, Enterprise               Release 13 (R13)

Certain reports can now be opened in Microsoft Word, Intuit Sync Manager has been updated, there is a build in password reset, help topics have been updated, employer’s telephone number in now on the pay stub.


There are two ways to update QuickBooks. Open the help menu and click “Update QuickBooks”, or if your software is more than two releases out of date, go directly to the Intuit QuickBooks update website and download the Manual Update, then install it directly into the software. This tends to be a little more reliable and faster. I’ve linked each Release number directly to the QuickBooks update website.


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